• Chase Rumrunner (Palamedes)

    Chase Rumrunner (Palamedes)

    Codename: Palamedes. A vat grown boy for the space marines. Part of the space marine fraternity Mu Alpha Pi. Pretty much a douchebag who walks through walls.
  • Harvey Quartz

    Harvey Quartz

    Fixin' problems with Bolts and Bombs
  • Itzal Strathclyde

    Itzal Strathclyde

    Stealth Mecha Jockey
  • David "Arthur" Johnson

    David "Arthur" Johnson

    2nd in command of The Knights of the Round Table, Inc.
  • Mr. Nil Remmington

    Mr. Nil Remmington

    Current owner and head of The Knights of the Round Table, Inc.
  • Professor Grant Petersen

    Professor Grant Petersen

    Under employ of KotRT, Professor Petersen studies ancient artifacts, specifically those dealing with the supernatural or arcane.